We follow and understand consumer media behaviors. It is what we do and what we have always done, it is our core reason for existence. It is what has allowed us to have success for over 25 years and is what we are graded on. It is what allows us to continue to put out the most powerful, cohesive media strategies in the industry. strategies with the most integrated means of marketing that create highly interactive, highly impactful, customer-centric campaigns. Strategies that reach audiences through mass media channels and blurs the line between paid and earned media. Strategies that listen to what people are saying then engaging them to stimulate interaction on a direct level. Strategies than allow brands to be on 24/7 and promotes customers to be influencers. Strategies that allow potential customers to find your product while in the purchase cycle and the right mindset and most importantly, strategies with purpose and finesse that work in an unprecedented manner to generate brand recognition, brand interaction and increased revenue.