Growing community and connection in








Growing community and connection in Media

Welcome to HTM

Media has been at the core of Helen Thompson Media since 1989 and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. That is what makes us so special, we have a niche and we own it. We are progressive thinkers, we are responsive to media trends and we believe in the power of media to transform our client’s businesses.

Our Team

We are a progressive media agency that plans and executes integrated media plans based on what’s best suited for our clients. We believe that more time is being spent with media than ever before, and are firm believers that media is the connection between people and brands. It’s the most powerful tool for advertisers to understand, and we understand it!

Our Vision & Mission

“Growth” - Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth, Client Growth, Community Growth! We are always growing community and connections in traditional, digital, mobile, social, emerging...your media!

Message Delivery Assessment

HTM is a data driven shop. Our proprietary MDA Software lets us track digital and traditional advertising in real-time. We evaluate and make immediate changes based on attributions from this data. Just think how efficient your marketing would be if you knew exactly how each of your lead sources was performing in real-time.


Your business’s exclusive agency executives will provide you with the comfort of dependability, clear communication, and an approach that breathes new meaning into servicing your marketing and advertising efforts.


The relationships HTM has developed over the past 30 years at the local, regional, and national levels, provide your company unique advantages to help bolster growth.

“The one thing that you cannot put a price tag on is trust and I trust them explicitly to not only make cost-effective buying choices but to ensure I get a great ROI on those buys.”

Ryan Shutt, Marketing Manager - Southwest Exteriors