Connected TV | CTV/OTT

Having the ability to advertise on Hulu, Discovery+, ESPN+, Amazon Prime, Paramount, MAX and during Live Sports has become an essential layer of any advertising campaign. HTM has direct relationships with all the top providers ensuring ads will be run on the best platforms with the highest level of targeting.

Media Strategy & Planning

We listen, engage, connect and stimulate interaction to maximize our clients’ media presence. Our progressive approach keeps us at forefront of relevant media channels and how to integrate them. We are responsive to media trends which allows us to always deliver messaging to the right targeted audience in the most efficient way.


HTMs analytics empower our clients to drive growth and track progress, goals and challenges in real time. Our clients know exactly what advertising sources are working and how much revenue is generated from these media outlets. This allows us to perform at the highest level for our clients. Our passion for effecting businesses through data and key performance indicators across relevant media is a first in the industry.

Media Buying

We continue to redefine media, our team’s understanding of the media ecosystem allows us to create better business outcomes for our clients. HTM is designed to create, execute and consistently optimize integrated media solutions for our clients. Our team of media buyers handle all of the extra work to insure a positive impact on our clients business.

Mobile Media

We optimize buys based on how consumers use mobile devices, and understand how they use these ever-evolving devices. We utilize technology that allows us to be present, drive relevant traffic and amplify our client’s mobile presence.

Social Media

We understand how to integrate social media advertising into our client’s broader media ecosystem. We will provide, publish and promote content that appeals to our client’s target audiences. Your brand will be portrayed in a dynamic and inviting way that engages your audience in a meaningful way, which in turn will have a positive impact on your business.


HTM has been planning and buying Hispanic media since the inception of the company in 1989. Before then, Founder Helen Thompson, Vice President of Media at the Pitluk Group was an integral part of the launch of the country’s first Spanish language network (Univision) which launched right here in San Antonio. She was planning & buying Spanish language media for clients such as McDonalds & Frost Bank from the very beginning. So needless to say, HTM is proficient in this arena.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are not world leaders or celebrities, they are people just like you and me that have a big following on social media because of the effort they put into building their content....and let’s face it, people trust people. Influencer marketing is a modern concept that gives brands the ability to gain instant credibility and trust from the followers of influencers. Using insights, we are able to carefully select influencers depending on engagement, target, demographics and budget.

Consumer Insights

The ability to understand and impact human behavior is at the heart of successful marketing. Our tools allow HTM to understand what real people are doing and why they are doing it. They garner insights and attributions to insure strategic and tactical approaches. Our business intelligence allows us to quickly pinpoint consumer trends to insure every tactic we use helps the business growth of our clients. We let the data lead our decision making.