Our story so far

Helen Thompson Media has been investing in media since 1989. We understand Media is a constantly changing industry and we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of media and how it is tracked.

Brandon Thompson, CEO of HTM said:

“This anniversary is a special anniversary for a few reasons. Not only is the company 30 years old this year, but I am the exact same age as my Mom was when she started the business. It’s truly incredible to me that she had the courage to start a business when she was 43 years old, without even knowing it, she was a pioneer when it comes to women business owners!”

“Now, 30 years later I can’t even begin to express how blessed I am to be running an extremely successful business with the greatest clients at the same age my mom was when she started the business with no income.”

“What I am looking to do in the next 30 years is to make an impact outside of HTM, have HTM stand for something bigger! Back in 1989 Helen was breaking down barriers of woman owed business, trying to build a business with blood, sweat and tears!  She wasn’t concerned with all this purpose and mission talk.”

“It was something that just wasn’t important to a lot of businesses back in the day, but fast forward 30 years and it has become very important and it has become very important to me! It gives HTM the opportunity to make a difference in real lives, it gives our people something to get behind, something we can all build together and something to re-enforce the foundation that was put in place 30 years ago.”

For these reasons, HTM wanted to do something bold for our 30 Year Anniversary, so as part of the celebration, HTM is getting a fresh look!

We’ve worked closely with Website Design & Branding agency 5or6 to create a brand that can carry us forward in the future!

Introducing the new HTM…

Looking ahead

The new brand connects all that we strive to do here at HTM with Growth being at the centre of our philosophy.

Our new brand modernises the colour palette from our previous logo and combines it with a ‘path-way’ aesthetic. Media can be a maze, but here at HTM we plan and strategize to guide our clients through the process.

Insider perspective

This is what CEO of 5or6, Dr Peter Simmons had to say on the journey to our new brand:

“we began by gathering the team at HTM and sitting them down with our brand team to really nail down the core values and goals of HTM. We need to understand what it means to work there and be a client, only then can we put pen to paper to translate these values into a visual identity”

He added, “it’s important to produce a brand that is flexible and appropriate to the situation – we’re really pleased with the end result and look forward to seeing what the future holds for HTM!” 


HTM & 5or6 also worked collaboratively on our new Website. Naturally, this acts as an extension to our new brand and will be the focal point of the HTM message.

Peter adds,

“it’s important to us the brand and website are truly connected – it’s more than sticking a logo on a website, it’s the imagery, interactions, animations, user flow… everything has to work harmoniously to be truly effective”

Looking ahead

The new brand & website will be rolling out as of May 2019, check back here for more news from HTM!